pretty pictures :: vintage vans

[image source - little miss wedding]

[image source - hilary walker]

[image source - i am blessed]

[image source -]

[image source - fee-amore]

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  1. Brenda @ Mira Narnie says:

    they are all just gorgeous – wish i could have one!!! it would be my girly craft room for all my fav friends to come for tea and crochet xx

  2. clare's craftroom says:

    I love vintage caravans so much I designed a pattern for one ! I love these pictures !

  3. andrea creates says:

    love the one named 'constance'. great colors :)

  4. kasiabear says:

    omg.. what a cool selection of pics.. looove the old vans!!

  5. gnomeangel says:

    I totally want to convince HUBBY to buy a caravan. I want to be a gray nomad, minus the gray.

    Great selection! (Yes, I'm comment bombing your blog, but I'm trying to catch up from my internet break)

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