pretty pictures :: too good to eat





I think we all agree that these cupcakes are much better than my effort here

Happy Sunday!

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  1. andrea creates says:

    these do look too good to eat! but i'm sure yours were good too-it's the taste that counts, right ? ;)

  2. gnomeangel says:

    Ooohhh that peacock is awesome! I love me some good cakes. I think I have most of these pinned on pinterest as well. Great post!

  3. hi Tamara, thanks for sharing those gorgeous cupcake images. that would really make you feel bad for eating one! I'm your 171st follower! maybe you'd like to follow me back? :) I purchased some etsy goodies from you too, they were lovely. cheers Trish.

  4. I wouldn't want to eat them so yours are better cos really, the point of a cupcake is to eat it no? :)

  5. just found your blog! love it. look forward to dropping by more often and super excited that you live in Brisbane too! Naomi x

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