Whilst snooping through my Instagram feed I noticed the hashtag #justreality which then lead me to the lovely Magdalena and her blog The Craft Revival.

Magdalena has thrown out the challenge – share a peak into your world, the unedited version!

So here is my #justreality.  All these photos were taken taken on Friday night at around 11.45pm – when I probably should have been fast asleep in bed!

Kitchen - stuff everywhere #justreality!

Our Bedroom – pulled the doona cover off on the weekend to wash, still not back on the doona #justreality!

Boxes of stuff sitting in the hall waiting to go into the cupboard – #justreality!

The lounge room aka playroom, more toys than a toy store #justreality

So there you have it a sneak peek into my #justreality!  Let’s face it nothing is perfect all the time!

Joining in with Magdalena at The Craft Revival – Are you game?

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  1. Yeah, but they’re really pretty photos, Tam! x

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